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Lamia Youseff

Ph.D., M.Sc., MSM
Scalable Computing (Cloud and ML Systems)
Innovator & Strategic Leader







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Hello ... I'm Lamia!


I have dedicated my career to Scalable Computing and Technology Strategy, started my journey with Scalable technology in 2001 with a focus on clustering software, virtualization and parallelization of large-scale HPC codes. Since then, I have been contributing to this field through working in various aspects of cloud computing, including IAAS, PAAS, SDN (Networking), Storage, Operating Systems, containers and most recently BlockChain and AI/ ML cloud applications. Over the years, my accomplishments were granted several patents, awards, featured in technical magazines, books as well as invitations to speak at top systems conferences and technical meetings around the globe. My 2008 paper on the Ontology of Cloud Computing received global recognition and became a required reading for many graduate-level cloud computing classes,  with ~1200 non-self citations and was translated to 6+ languages.

I got to learn from and work with some of the best minds in Scalable Computing and MlSys at Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Facebook and, most recently, Apple. As engineer #12 on Google Cloud (GCP), I built product-critical GCP components that are in use by millions of customers today. As a Principal Technical Manager at Microsoft and a product manager at Google, I also led several product-launches and worked with Fortune-500 companies on their cloud migration and business strategies. In my roles, I have proven my leadership, technical and business acumen through taking ideas from early stages to public launches. My industry experiences are founded on my deep research and academic background in Scalable Computing and tech strategy. At Stanford Graduate School of Business, I studied and taught technology strategy, organizational behavior, and change management. At Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), I worked on building distributed large-scale OS systems, including contributions to fos (MIT first self-aware cloud OS) and help manage multi-million dollars grants. At UCSB, I contributed to Eucalyptus open-source IaaS Cloud system as one of its original architects where I also earned my Ph.D. in Computer Science.


Director of Engineering


Building & scaling the MEST org, focusing on Serving, Experimentation and ML platforms.


Researcher (Visiting), CS Departement, MLsys

Guest Lecturer, GSB

Stanford University 

At GSB (Graduate School of Business), as a Sloan Fellow, I studied then taught strategic management and leadership as part of GSB MSx program for eXperienced & eXecutives Leaders.

At Computer Science Department, I conduct research on scalable machine learning platforms with the DAWN research group.


Principal Technology Manager

Machine Learning Platforms


  • Building and scaling FBLearner teams and technical capabilities. ​

  • Launched FBLearner "Customers Success Program," to prioritize customers ML needs, including heading the first FBLearner Summit and FBLearner Customer Success Stories.

  • Developed the tech strategy for FBLearner 2.0


Principal Technology Manager / Architect

Cloud Computing

Microsoft Azure

  • Leading Architectural and Technical analysis of Azure Solutions for high-profile Azure Fortune 500 enterprise customers with ~$10M+ in Azure consumption while working with engineering to identify and address gaps.

  • Led the product and technical development of Azure Network Analytics (aka Azure NetWatcher) and Azure Networking competitive positioning as part of the Azure Networking Product Group


Product Manager / Software Engineer

Cloud Computing


  • Led several Google Cloud Storage (GCS) products and features, some of which were featured in articles by The Register, TNW, TechCrunch, eWeek, CloudBizNews. Media outlets have described my launches as “helps solve a big #cloud problem” and “exciting strides for #BigData in the cloud”

  • Led the coordination between the various global teams (~80+ googlers in 7 countries), which earned me several VP kudos, “exceeds-expectations” quarterly performance reviews and spot cash awards

As a Software Engineer;

  • Contributed to Google Compute Engine (GCE) codebase, owning the disk at rest encryption and  VM startup time, These two features were among the most celebrated at GCE public launch by the industry commentators.

  • Led the characterization of performance overhead for HPC and scientific codes, as part of BigCompute team.


Masters in Management Sciences (MBA Equivalent)

GSB Sloan Fellow


With a focus on: Technology Strategy, Building & Scaling Organizations and Leadership.


Postdoc / Research Scientist


Research Focus: Distributed Cloud Operating System (fos): an OS for the cloud and many cores’ architectures, co-managing/ co-PI several grants including $17M DOD Exascale computing with Prof. Anant Agarwal. In addition to research and supervising students, I was awarded $200K NSF EAGER grant in 2010.


Ph.D. & M.Sc.

GPA: 3.85/4.0

University of California Santa Barbara

Dissertation Topic: Shared memory Programming Support for Virtualized High Performance Computing (HPC). Other Notable Work: Eucalyptus Open Source Architecture, Application Specific Linux with Prof. Rich Wolski


B.Sc. with Summa Cum Laude
GPA: 4.0/4.0

American University in Cairo

Major: Computer Science                  Minor: Electric Engineering​

Dean's List 1998-2003

Served in 2001-2002 as a teaching and research assistant in Advanced Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). 


J. Hellerstein, T. Pirtle and L. Youseff

Mirrored Stateful Workers

USA-9152458, Aug 2012


L. Youseff

Virtual cluster as a service (VCIaaS) 

USA-9678778, May 2014


Youseff; Lamia A. M., Maccarrone; Cory Todd, Bingham; Jonathan, Northrup; Eric Robert, Van Woudenberg; Scott James, Makarevich; Grigory

Dynamically Adjustable Virtual Machine

USA-9152458, Apr 2014

More pending.......

J. Hellerstein, T. Pirtle and L. Youseff

Mirrored Stateful Workers

USA-9152458, Aug 2012


MORE ... 
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